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/  By the Sea. A Spring Day

Бруно Лильефорс: By the Sea. A Spring Day. отражение, дерево, лист, время года, осень, древесные растения, дерево, текстура, солнечный свет
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МузеиНациональный музей Швеции
Автоперевод названия: «По морю. День Весны»
Artist: Bruno Liljefors (1860–1939)
Swedish painter
Title: By the Sea. A Spring Day
Object type: Painting
Description: Unlike many of his friends, Liljefors only lived for short periods in France. On his travels in 1883, 1884 and 1887, he visited the artist colony in Grez-sur-Loing. This is where he painted this unexpected composition of the view across the Loing – with the red prow of a boat only just visible at the left edge. In a letter dated spring 1884, Liljefors describes Grez: “A river flows through the village, surrounded by fields and willows along the banks, dry reeds remain from last year, looking so heavenly in colour against the new, bright-green grass.”
Date: Unknown date
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Height: 54.5 cm (21.5 in). Width: 33.5 cm (13.2 in).
Framed: Height: 58 cm (22.8 in). Width: 37 cm (14.6 in). Depth: 4 cm (1.6 in).
Артикул: 272458
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