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/  Still Life with Cheese

Флорис Клаес ван Дейк: Still Life with Cheese. натюрморт, керамика
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МузеиРейксмюсеум, АмстердамКартины
Автоперевод названия: “Натюрморт с сыром”
Floris Claesz. van Dijck
Description (auto translated):
Still Life with Cheeses. On a table with cloths of white linen damask and pink silk stands in the middle a pewter dish with three cheeses, before a Chinese plate of nuts or olives and a tin plate with a sliced ​​half apple. On the right is a jug of Siegburgs stoneware, left a Chinese bowl with apples and a pewter plate with white and blue grapes. Furthermore, a Roemer, a few glasses, a sandwich, a knife, a cabbage and a pear.
c. 1615
Support medium: H 82.2 cm x 111.2 cm w
Артикул: 271418
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