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/  The Martyrdom of the Seven Sons of Saint Felicity

Франческо Тревизани: The Martyrdom of the Seven Sons of Saint Felicity. мифология, фреска, рождественские украшения
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МузеиРейксмюсеум, АмстердамКартины
Автоперевод названия: “Мученичество из семи сыновей Saint Felicity”
Francesco Trevisani
Description (auto translated):
The painting depicts the Martyrdom of the Seven Brothers, sons of St. Felicitas. St. Felicitas is right of center appears kneeling, while her youngest son Martial comfort and pointing to the angel that flies from the top with seven crowns and seven palms of martyrdom. The statue of Mars, right behind her, represents the pagan gods who refused to worship the early Christian widow. To the left of the statue sits Roman Emperor Antonius Pius on a throne, ordered the witness Felicitas had been the death of her seven sons before she was executed himself. Right in the foreground, the Saint Januarius (beaten with leaden balls) in the middle and on the left in the foreground, Saint Alexander and the decapitated Vitalis in the middle, sitting and kneeling, Holy Phillippus and Felix in the background the Holy Silvanus is thrown from the tower. In the background a hedge of spectators and a picture of the Vestal Virgin in a niche. To the left of the base of the statue Mars a self-portrait by Trevisani, facing the painting. Far left foreground a second self-portrait by Trevisani in a nutshell. At the base of the arms of Colbert and Arnauld de Pomponne under the crown of a marquis. The weapons and crown referring to Jean-Baptiste Colbert, marquis de Torcy, and his wife, Catherine-Félicité Arnauld de Pomponne, to whom the painting by Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni was given in 1709.
medium: H 75 cm x W 62.6 cm
Артикул: 268602
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