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/  The Merry Family, The merry family

Ян Хавикзун Стен: The Merry Family, The merry family. древняя история, музыкальный инструмент, барабан
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МузеиРейксмюсеум, АмстердамКартины
Автоперевод названия: “Веселая семья, веселая семья”
Jan Havickszoon Steen
Description (auto translated):
The Merry Family or 'Soo Songen the old pipes boy. Interior with a family around a table that entertained with music, song and drink. Left in the window a boy with a pipe and a horn, to table an singing old man with raised Roemer, a man playing a bagpipe, two women singing a piece of paper, a child with a spoon, a boy with a flute and a boy and a girl smoking a pipe. For the table a child gets a sip of wine from a can. On the floor a dog, jugs, a plate and a saucepan.
medium: h 110.5 cm x W 141 cm
Артикул: 269744
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