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Карл Ларссон: Letter-Writing. фреска, комната, имущество, дом, особняк
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МузеиНациональный музей Швеции
Автоперевод названия: «Написание письма»
Artist: Carl Larsson (1853–1919)
Alternative names: Carl Olof Larsson
Swedish painter and interior designer
Title: Letter-Writing
Object type: Painting
Description: Letter-writing was an everyday chore. Travel, meetings, orders and other practical matters were nearly always arranged in writing. Many letters from around 1900 resemble today's e-mails: short messages or questions and personal greetings. Others were long and are now valuable as sources of information about life and art at the time. Here, Ingrid, who was the daughter of one of Carl and Karin Larsson’s employees, is writing a letter at Karin’s desk in the upper hallway at Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn.
Date: 1912
Medium: Watercolour
Dimensions: Height: 52.5 cm (20.7 in). Width: 74 cm (29.1 in).
Framed: Height: 62 cm (24.4 in). Width: 84 cm (33.1 in). Depth: 5 cm (2 in).
Inscriptions (Swedish): Signerad: C.L. [monogram] 1912
Артикул: 274522
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