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/  A Studio Idyll. The Artist's Wife and their Daughter

Карл Ларссон: A Studio Idyll. The Artist's Wife and their Daughter. портрет, древняя история, скульптура, мифология
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МузеиНациональный музей Швеции
Автоперевод названия: «А Студио идиллия. Жена художника и их дочь»
Artist: Carl Larsson (1853–1919)
Alternative names: Carl Olof Larsson
Swedish painter and interior designer
Title: A Studio Idyll. The Artist's Wife and their Daughter
Object type: Painting
Description: Karin Larsson has her daughter Suzanne in her lap. They are sitting in Carl’s studio. Apart from his major commissions, practically all his works depict subjects that are close to him. Close, as in his family or his home, his friends or their children. Karin Larsson was also an artist, but her husband’s pictures rarely depict her in that capacity. Their home in Sundborn was largely her creation, but in the paintings of that place she is almost exclusively portrayed as a mother and a wife.
Date: 1885
Medium (Swedish): Pastell
Dimensions: Height: 66 cm (26 in). Width: 50 cm (19.7 in).
Framed: Height: 84 cm (33.1 in). Width: 69 cm (27.2 in). Depth: 4 cm (1.6 in).
Inscriptions (Swedish): Signerad: C. LARSSON 1885
Артикул: 273519
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