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Кацусика Хокусай: 21 / 100 One hundred poems.
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Poem number 21
Sosei Hoshi Yoshimine no Harutoshi born nca. 845 was an officer of the palace guards and became a priest
The original poem
Just because she said,
/In a moment I will come,/
I ve awaited her
E en until the moon of dawn,
In the long month, hath appeared
A situational poem by HK
I believe in what my beloved woman tells me and I believe in the power of my rosary. My beloved woman has said /I come in a moment/. I have waited all night but she did not come, only, at dawn the moon appeared. So I know now where the moon is. Anyway, right now he is looking rather ugly as if he had not slept. But speaking for me I would prefer to know where my beautiful woman could be.
Comment by HK
The poem tells of a broken date. After a night of waiting, it must finally dawn to the man that the girl will not show up. Hokusai does not care about the poem. His picture is a remark like /Oh, women! When they ask you to wait for a minute, expect that you wait for hours regardless how long you have been married or not. There is always something wrong with the kimono, or the cat wants to get in or water is boiling - the list is endless/.

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