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/  The Rape of Europa

Николас Верколье: The Rape of Europa. мифология, джунгли
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МузеиРейксмюсеум, АмстердамКартины
Автоперевод названия: “Похищение Европы”
Nicolaas Verkolje
Description (auto translated):
The robbery of Europe. Based on Ovid's Metamorphoses (liber II, 848-875). The nymph Europa, daughter of Agenor, to the right of the middle on a beach. They adorn the horns of Jupiter, which has turned into a white bull with a flower garland. Right below the bull cupid with his quiver. Left Europe stand to pick her companions, a group of six nymphs and one girl, talking and flowers. Behind them trees with view through to a mountainous landscape in which an ancient villa by a second see-through on the right is the background on the other side of a bay to see a classical city with obelisk. Two ships in the bay. On the beach in the foreground are several loose shells and flowers in the right corner two putti are working to measure the depth of the water by means of a plumb line.
c. 1735 - c. 1740
medium: H 57.7 cm x W 72.8 cm
Артикул: 270118
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