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/  Portrait of a Venetian Family with a Manservant Serving Coffee

Пьетро Лонги: Portrait of a Venetian Family with a Manservant Serving Coffee.
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МузеиРейксмюсеум, АмстердамКартины
Автоперевод названия: “Портрет семьи венецианских с лакеем, где подается кофе”
Pietro Longhi
Description (auto translated):
Portrait of a Venetian family with an attendant who serves coffee. Inside a green damask upholstered lounge seating three members of a family. Right, in a wood, green upholstered armchair, is the master of the house dressed in a plain jacket, shorts and a vest embroidered sleeve. He holds a porcelain cup. His wife sits opposite him to wrinkle in a yellow armchair, busy sleeve strips and secure. She is wearing a pink robe à l'anglaise brocade with a big green bow in both ears pearls of earrings and a small white cap on her head. Between her and her husband is a green and gold decorated table, which left her sewing basket and scissors. Behind the table is a servant, dressed in a green jacket, vest and pants hit. He holds a silver tray in his hands bearing a silver coffee pot, sugar bowl and sugar tongs and two porcelain coffee cups. Left on a low chair sits a man dressed in blue suit and yellow vest that gives a ring-shaped donut with a boy. The boy is wearing a white skirt and holding a toy trumpet in his left hand
c. 1752
H 60.2 cm x W 48.2 cm
Артикул: 270113
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